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Project Manager is a driver not a traffic cop

Project Manager is a driver not a traffic cop

As a sports fan, I often hear other fans complain that a team is not playing to win. They are instead, playing not to lose. This means that they are being conservative. They focus largely on defense, keeping their opponent from scoring. They do this at the cost of...

The Confidence of Humility

The Confidence of Humility

Think of the greatest leaders you’ve ever worked for or admired. There are many traits that may have inspired you. Confidence was likely one of them. But were they so confident that they demonstrated the confidence of humility? Johnny Carson was known as the King of...

Setting Team Ground Rules

Setting Team Ground Rules

Do this. Don’t do that. It seems there are always rules getting in our way. But if we didn’t have rules, life – and work – would be a chaotic mess. Some people thrive on chaos. Others need complete order. We all live within a certain set of rules in our organizations....

Incremental Time Savings by Being Proactive

Incremental Time Savings by Being Proactive

As a project manager, I have always tried to seek the most efficient route to get a job done. I identify the critical path.  I try to determine how to schedule tasks concurrently. Being proactive is critical to this type of planning. There is a lot of advice out there...

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