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Two Motivation Types

Two Motivation Types

Although there are an infinite number of management styles, human beings have two basic motivation types. We do things because we fear some type of negative ramification. Or we do things because we seek pleasure. Every manager should understand this. And every...

Having a plan vs. planning

Having a plan vs. planning

As some of my readers know, I have combined my long daily commute with my interest in American history by listening to a biography of every U.S. president in chronological order. I listen more for leadership reasons than political. I recently finished Dwight D....

How to keep team members accountable

How to keep team members accountable

When I was a kid, I remember my mom would ask my siblings and me to do some kind of chore. The three of us would end up arguing about who should do it.  After a while, mom would say, “Just forget about it. I’ll do it.” Modern day children would probably be fine with...

How Much Do You Make?

How Much Do You Make?

What is a college degree worth? Chances are that if you work in the business world, you have a college degree. That degree may be in a major that has nothing to do with your occupation. But the standard rule in the modern business world is that you have to have a...

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