5 Reasons Project Managers are Sexy

project managers are sexy
5 Reasons project managers are sexy

Sexy is defined in the dictionary as exciting, appealing and glamorous. It draws people in. This definition made me realize how sexy project managers are. In fact, with that definition in mind, any project manager who doesn’t think his or her role is sexy should be fired on the spot for not understanding the job well enough.

Project managers are sexy because…

Project managers are agents of change.

Project managers take an idea from the business, assemble a team of internal and external stakeholders and turn that idea into an initiative that gets implemented. By doing this, the project manager facilitates positive change in the organization. Change is exciting. Change is sexy.

Project managers move a company to the next level of performance.

With each project he or she completes, the project manager helps the organization take the next step up in performance. When a new software system is implemented, a new office floor is built out, or a new training program is established, the resulting output is that the company becomes more productive and more profitable.

The company becomes more attractive to new customers who want to buy their products and more attractive to new employees who want to work for a winning team

When you think about it, this is really quite glamorous. When you have customers and workers who want to work with your organization, that’s just downright sexy.

Project managers encourage people to work as a team

A project manager gathers stakeholders from diverse backgrounds with assorted specialties. He or she orchestrates each specialty skill into a unified direction to an efficient project completion.

I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t find this both appealing and glamorous. Who in their right mind wouldn’t find this Saturday-night-on-the-town-sexy?

Project managers facilitate communication between all stakeholders.

Project managers take the requirements of the business stakeholders and act as a liaison between them, the project team members and any external stakeholders. Each of these groups speak a different language all their own. But the project manager creates a cohesive community walking in lockstep with each other. The end result is business alignment through communication.

This is exciting, appealing and glamorous all in one; and super sexy.

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Project managers operate an entire mini-business unit within the organization.

The project manager acts as the chief executive of a sub-unit of the business. In addition to managing the project team, she coordinates multiple entities within the organization and external to the organization.

She then reports the status of this sub-unit to an executive. The executive can take this information of this compartmentalized area, and make better-informed decisions for his or her department, and the company as a whole.

This is very glamorous and very sexy.

I’m too sexy for my Pert (chart)

What makes project management sexy to you?

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